About the comic

  • What's a "Boys' Love" (BL) comic ? What is MPA's rating ?
As the words suggest, a Boys'Love comic is a comic about male characters involved in a romantic relationship.
MPA is a BL comic, and may contain strong language, so it's primarily aimed at teenage/adult readers. But graphically, apart from a few kisses and cuddles, there's nothing shockingly explicit in MPA, that's why I didn't put any warnings on the front page. It'll remain PG-13 at the most.
  • How can I be informed of the updates ?
The updates will be announced on DA and Tumblr ; you can also use the RSS feed.
  • Where did you find your fonts/screentones/brushes ?

    Police : Komika text, téléchargeable gratuitement sur dafont.com
    Trames et brosses : j'en fais certaines moi-même.
    Les autres viennent de différents sites, les principaux étant :

About the website

  • The website looks different since January 2016, is this normal or... ?
    I had to move the website in January ; some details may have changed a bit in the website since the moving.
  • The RSS feed doesn't work anymore.
    Because of the site's moving, the old RSS feed doesn't work anymore (the pages' URLs have changed). Please update your RSS feed thanks to this link : RSS
  • Why isn't there any way to comment the pages, to discuss the comic ?
  • I don't have the time to manage a comment system, sorry. But you can contact me on Tumblr or on Deviantart ;).

About the author and her... errr... "team"

  • I (Solkee) create the story and the art and I manage the website (generated by LiteDoodle). Bal is my beta-reader, and helps (a lot) with the site's debugging and the english translation.