Posted on the 31st of December, 2015

Possible issues with the website in the next few days

Chances are I won't be able to update the news or the comic pages in the next few days so just to be safe, I'm writing this short FAQ in case the website's moving doesn't go as seamlessly as I hope it will.
As I explained in the latest author's comment, I'm moving this website. The website's url will remain the same but the url for each page will not, so there might be some issues relating to this.

1) RSS feed will not function anymore
This is something that I know will happen since the pages' url will change. Please wait for the completion of the site's migration (I will announce it when it's done) and subscribe to the new RSS feed then ;).

2) The site may look a bit weird
I'll try to copy the design of the current site as closely as possible but some minor changes will certainly occur. Some secondary pages like the characters page may remain offline for a while.

3) You won't see the "alt texts" anymore, nor the pages comments.
That's normal, because in the new version, these functions are inactive atm. It's a bit sad but it's also less work for me, and less work on the website means more time to draw, so all in all it's not a huge drawback.

4) MAYBE the comic rocket referencement won't work anymore (?!!????!?)
Honestly I have no clue if it will continue to work or not :/. I sure hope it will because it seems like the majority of you guys come from this aggregator. If it doesn't, well... please don't forget about my little comic, come by from time to time, ok :3 ?

Just so you know, my tumblr is still "active" (I mean, as active as it can be, given my overall lack of productivity, haha... )
I'll keep on posting everything relating to this moving and the comic updates there. The ask box is open, so if you have questions or remarks you can send them to me there too ;).

Stay tuned :) !

Posted on the 30th of August, 2015

Technical issues, new pages uploaded on DA until further notice ::EDIT

Hey guys

There's technical trouble with my website atm, which prevents me from updating the comics part of it :(. While I'm looking for a solution I will post the new MPA pages on my Deviantart account : page 142
Hopefully this won't last long.

EDIT : Problem solved... for the moment ^^;.